Test e Opinions of Proscenic D550 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Proscenic brand is globally accepted in the vacuum cleaner market for the performance, safety and quality of the products it manufactures. With the proscenic d550 2-in-1 robot cleaner, this brand further asserts its place among the best vacuum cleaner brands of the moment. We have experimented this vacuum cleaner which is part of the high-end articles proposed by the mark. We offer our opinion on this vacuum cleaner who has conquered us to any positioning. A complete, powerful device with a laser scanning function The Proscenic D550 Vacuum cleaner pleased us in many ways. Already, after opening the carton, the product itself is of an elegant design with a nice gray color. It is offered with several other spare parts or accessories.

Proscenic D550 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Smart Laser Navigation, 2in1 Cleaner and Scrubber, Wi-Fi Connected, Effective Cleaning on Programming [Energy Class A +]
  • Laser LDS Navigation Technology: The robot vacuum cleaner uses probe scans to create a precise virtual environment map to design the best path for effective cleaning.
  • Control with the Application: ProscenicHome App compatible with Android or iOS smartphones to control the robot, facilitates the plan of cleaning programs and control of efficiency of the robot.
  • V-shaped Roller Brush: The large suction opening measures 20cm wide to collect dust in the center. The wear-resistant plastic film forms a barrier against hair entanglement and is easy to clean.
  • Nidec engine Imported from Japan: high suction up to 1,800 Pa, allowing quick and easy cleaning.
  • Automatic charging: when the battery is low, the vacuum cleaner returns to the charging station and starts recharging. Once the charge is over, he returns to the previous place to finish his work.

A powerful machine with a laser scanning system for this D550

It is above all a fairly complete model of vacuum cleaner with especially high suction power. After a week of using this product, his results were more than satisfactory. We were pleasantly surprised by its high performance. Compared to other models, the proscenic d550 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is equipped with state-of-the-art automated suction technology. It is a navigation tool by Laser LDS that allows him to design a virtual plan of the environment to clean and proceed therefore to a foolproof cleaning. Practically, this also allows him to plan the best washing route to be done to leave after his intervention a surface as clean and flourished as possible. Thanks to its integrated detector, can bypass furniture, chairs that are on its path. Likewise, its somewhat rectangular square shape has been designed to enable it to efficiently clean all types of expansions with great precision. Moreover, in front of a carpet or carpet, can climb on it to deploy a suction power adapted to its cleaning.

The proscenic d550 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner is equipped inside a good-capacity dust container that is really easy to empty. This made our life easier when using the device. In general, this device has been able to bring us at any time a real convenience in washing. Thanks to its mobile application, we were able to control it and teach it from a smartphone specific washing areas. We could remotely follow the evolution of the robot during washing and make several other adjustments depending on the places to clean. With its supplied remote control, we have driven it easily in the house to achieve even more vivid and complete cleanings. The proscenic vacuum cleaner d550 is above all a very comprehensive and intuitive model that embeds a wet washing function allowing it to effectively clean the floors without leaving a trace. We appreciated his good autonomy. This is clearly enough to allow the tool to overcome dirt on an area of this age m2 without you having to reload it. In fact, the Proscenic D550 vacuum cleaner represents a technological revolution in the world of washing tools. It has brought us a significant time saving in washing. We are convinced that it is the best autonomous vacuum cleaner on the market with an excellent quality and price ratio. We offer our opinion on this vacuum cleaner who has conquered us to any positioning. A complete, powerful device with a laser scanning function The Proscenic D550 Vacuum cleaner pleased us in many ways.

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